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Pike-to-Cobra Push-up

Exercise Profile

Body PartChest, Hips
EquipmentBody weight
Primary MusclesErector Spinae, Gluteus Maximus, Pectoralis Major Clavicular Head, Pectoralis Major Sternal Head, Triceps Brachii
Secondary MusclesDeltoid Anterior, Gastrocnemius, Hamstrings, Soleus
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Introduction to the Pike-to-Cobra Push-up

The Pike-to-Cobra Push-up is a dynamic exercise that combines the benefits of strengthening the upper body, improving flexibility, and enhancing core stability. This exercise is ideal for individuals at an intermediate or advanced fitness level, aiming to increase overall body strength and flexibility. People may want to incorporate this exercise into their routine as it not only targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously, but also contributes to improved posture and body awareness.

Performing the: A Step-by-Step Tutorial Pike-to-Cobra Push-up

  • Push your hips back and upwards into a downward dog or pike position, keeping your hands firmly planted on the ground.
  • Lower your body towards the ground, bending your elbows as you would in a regular push-up, but as you descend, allow your hips and chest to move towards the ground as well, transitioning into a cobra or upward facing dog position.
  • Push your body back up by straightening your arms, lifting your chest and hips off the ground, and returning to the pike position.
  • Repeat these movements for your desired amount of repetitions, ensuring to maintain proper form throughout.

Tips for Performing Pike-to-Cobra Push-up

  • Controlled Movement: The Pike-to-Cobra Push-up is not about speed, but about controlled, fluid movement. Rushing through the motions can lead to improper form and potential injury. Focus on each part of the movement, ensuring your muscles are engaged throughout.
  • Proper Breathing: Breathing is an essential part of any exercise. Inhale as you start the downward movement from the pike position, and exhale as you push up into the cobra position. Proper breath control helps to maintain rhythm and provides the necessary oxygen to the muscles.
  • Modify if Needed: If

Pike-to-Cobra Push-up FAQs

Can beginners do the Pike-to-Cobra Push-up?

Yes, beginners can do the Pike-to-Cobra Push-up exercise, but it might be challenging as it requires good upper body strength and flexibility. It's recommended to start with basic push-ups and gradually progress to more complex variations like the Pike-to-Cobra push-up. Always remember to maintain proper form to avoid injury. If you find it too difficult, you might want to consider modifying the exercise or working with a trainer.

What are common variations of the Pike-to-Cobra Push-up?

  • The Single-Leg Pike-to-Cobra Push-Up: In this variation, one leg is lifted off the ground during the pike push-up phase, adding an extra challenge to your balance and core stability before transitioning into the cobra pose.
  • The Elevated Pike-to-Cobra Push-Up: This variation involves performing the exercise with your hands on an elevated surface such as a step or a bench, increasing the range of motion and intensity during the pike phase before transitioning into the cobra pose.
  • The Pike-to-Cobra Push-Up with a Twist: This variation involves adding a twist at the end of the cobra pose, engaging your obliques and adding a rotational element to the exercise.
  • The Sliding Pike-to-Cobra Push

What are good complementing exercises for the Pike-to-Cobra Push-up?

  • Plank to Push-up: This exercise complements the Pike-to-Cobra Push-up by strengthening the same muscle groups, including the arms, shoulders, and core, while also improving stability and control, which are crucial for the Pike-to-Cobra movement.
  • Dolphin Dive: This exercise is a great complement to the Pike-to-Cobra Push-up as it also involves a pike position and works on the same muscles, particularly the shoulders, arms, and core, while also increasing flexibility and balance.

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